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Equium is a red fox located in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Despite recognising himself as a fur at the age of fourteen, it was not until six years later in 2008 that he formally joined the fandom by joining Furrytofurry. Since then, he has moved on to regular use of FurAffinity and the UKFur Forums.

Equium enjoys writing poetry and composing classical music, often tinted with subtle furry themes. He attended his first ever furmeet in September 2008 in Birmingham. He attended his first convention in May 2009, when he went to ConFuzzled. He followed this up with ConFuzzled 2010, and 2011, and is also part of the staff for ScotiaCon, enjoying setting up the convention for it's debut in 2011. He has two albums under his belt, "Postcards" (2009), "The Absence" (2010), and is currently working on his third release, "Verisimilitude". These are found on his bandcamp

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