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James the Wolf[edit]

Fur Name: James Leon Wolfe (His real name is on a need to know basis only)

Nick Names: Bones, Code Man, Rage

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Location: Knoxville, Tennessee


James is currently enrolled in Pellissippi State studying to be an audio engineer. He will be a part of their experimental audio program in the spring. He has been involved in the Junior Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and the Boy Scouts of America. He achieved the rank of Second Lieutenant in JROTC, and he has achieved the BSA's highest honor and rank of Eagle Scout.
He first discovered the furry fandom three years ago while in high school as a means to improve his writing skills. His fursona is a jet black wolf demon. He enjoys hanging with his friends in a local fur group and many other social activities. He is always happy to meet new people, and he may be spotted at some conventions in the near future.


James was born to a small suburban family on the upper east side of a large metropolis known as Redridge. This bustling town thrives off of its highly technological society which provided many advances in medicine, business, and entertainment. Most of their income comes from a global corporation based out of Redridge known as Hunter Technologies. They own almost all of the large businesses in the city thus allowing them to control most of the resources that Redridge's citizens use. A large number of the city's residents are employees of Hunter ranging from simple assembly line workers up to corporate executives.
He entered into a contest held by Hunter. At the age of 15 he was chosen to participate in Hunter's most rigorous and elite training program called Blackline. The members of Blackline were put through years of intense combat training, espionage tactics, torture resistance classes, and many other regimens that transformed them into some of the country's most skilled soldiers. However, James was never one to follow protocol as written, and as such he was always at odds with his commanders. Contrary to logic though, when his hand to hand combat commander attempted to put James in his place, James was able to block all of his commander's attacks thanks to his rough days in high school. Despite James's rebellious behavior, he was hired on to Hunter as only one of four Wardens.
After taking a series of tests facilitated by Hunter's top scientists, James was determined to be their prime research subject. Much to his discontent, he was forced to move out of his house, and lose all contact with the outside world. Their research was not supposed to be known by anyone other than the scientists and the president of Hunter Corp itself John Frey.

The Dark Years[edit]

James did not like living the lie of virtual non-existence. He gathered what little resources he could and he escaped the close watch of the scientists. He did not know what experiments Hunter Corp. had planned for him, but he knew that he had no say in the matter. He escaped for two years into the lower end of Redridge where the sport of underground fighting reigned as the top moneymaker. He rose up the ranks as one of their top mixed martial arts fighters and eventually became a member of the professional wrestling circuit. He had built a life for himself in his wrestling career with a steady pay, fame, and even a daughter. But after he witnessed the brutal rape and murder of his daughter, he seeked revenge on her killers.
James became a depressed shadow of a man after his adopted daughter's death, and poured every ounce of his being into training and wrestling. He met many allies and enemies while in the wrestling ring, but as a result the reasons behind his daughters became clearer. Hunter was on the prowl for him all over Redridge, and they did not care who they had to kill in order to get him for the experiment. After discovering that the chairman was his daughter's killer and a member of Hunter, he exacted his revenge through the most brutal beating that he had ever given someone, leaving the chairman to die in his office.

James is Captured[edit]

James fled from the wrestling studio, and attempted to reach his mother and sister to take them somewhere safe. Unfortunately Hunter overwhelmed James with sheer manpower before he reached the lower east side of the city.
Captured intelligence from Hunter after James's second escape revealed many details regarding what they called The Omega project such as the results of soul tests and energy resistance. This once highly classified information has been compiled into an itemized list for use as a reference for James, his friends, and the Blackline resistance force. *All of Hunter's records make use of Latin terms and phrases regarding the Omega Project apparently in an attempt to fulfill an ancient prophecy.*

Project number 776: The Omega Project - Conducted under close supervision by John Lucas Frey[edit]


Lux Lucis - 20%

Atrum - 20%

Medius - 10%

Indomitus - 50% *Inform John Frey of the high levels of Indomitus detected in Omega, this could pose a problem with the final possession sequence*

Pain Threshold Testing[edit]

*Results of the threshold testing deemed to change after the final possession sequence*

Heat tolerance - Extremely high; The subject was burned multiple times with a white hot metal rod. He showed an extreme emotional reaction, but his biological systems were not sent into shock until the thirtieth burn across his abdomen.

Cold tolerance - Variable; Subject was able to remain in a subzero environment for twenty-four hours before his systems showed signs of frostbite or hypothermia.

Blunt force trauma - Very high; Omega was rendered unconscious after five blows from an aluminum bat to his cranium. Subject did not suffer any permanent damage due to this testing, but this concerned the doctors that said that the structural integrity of the body must remain as healthy as possible for proper possession.

Laceration, Cutting, and Stabbing tolerance - Extremely high; Omega resisted over fifteen deep flesh lacerations, ten dermis incisions (without anesthesia), and twenty stabbings all before being rendered unconscious from blood loss.

Project Overview[edit]

Created and Designed by Hunter Corp. president John Frey, the Omega Project has been in preparation for twelve years. The goal of the project is to create a hybrid between a living, mortal creature (either a human or anthro) and a powerful spiritual entity. Hunter spent billions to find and/or engineer the proper equipment needed to actually trap such an entity. Hunter hired the most adept spiritualists, paranormal scientists, and religious leaders in order to aid them in their search for the most powerful spirit that they could get their hands on.
After years of searching, many critical failures, and the loss of a few lives due to irreversible possession, Hunter managed to miraculously trap one of what many religious experts considered to be the most volatile and aggressive demons from the lower reaches of Hell. Using a container filled with souls of innocent victims of Hunter's constant raids on outlying tribal lands, the demon was lured far enough into the mortal realm to capture and return to the main research facility. He has been transported to the possession chamber and is awaiting the arrival of the subject.

The Possession[edit]

James was allowed a total of three days to recover from the serious injuries he had incurred from the torture tests. During those days, he spent most of his time in and out of consciousness. During his brief periods of unconsciousness, he would have visions of many surreal scenes such as fields of grass engulfed in flames, and some mysterious figure off in the distance. He felt like he should know who the person was, but the name eluded him.
As soon as the doctors cleared him of his serious injuries, he was taken to a preparation chamber down in the deepest areas of Hunter Corporation's underground research facility. James was fitted with a number of different sensors and cords meant to monitor his body, and then was lowered into a cylinder containing a deep orange mixture of mineral oil, oxygen substitute, and a compound of different nutrients and sedatives to keep him calm. If he was not in such a weakened state, he would have fought tooth and nail to escape, but he was barely able to stand and have his medical clothes removed.
upon entering the liquid cylinder, they immediately sealed off the top. James managed to find the energy to make an attempt to escape the cylinder, but he could not move the hermetically sealed cap. He eventually had to breathe in the oxygen substitute meant to sustain him during the possession procedure. While he was choking silently in his liquid coffin, he was being transported to the site where he would transform into what he is today.
Once he was in place at the center of the possession chamber, the scientists brought in the entity that they had captured beforehand. James had given up all hope by the time the container with Rage inside coupled with the injection device.