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Hiyas! I'm Ekio, a red fox, gray wolf hybrid with shape shifting abilities. So far I have adopted many forms and can change at will. I own a gallery on Second Life and spend my evenings dancing and chatting at Vixens Isle. Shout if you have a question!

Fursona When at rest Ekio looks like any normal red fox. The only exceptions are that her tail has a little rim of gray before the tip turns to white and the dark marking on her muzzle.Her hair is long black hair cut in layers with lime green tips to each piece. Ekio is usually clad in traditional native garb depending on the season. She also wears a bracelet around her left wrist and has a few earrings. She has traveled with pirates and spent most of her life wandering. She is skilled in archery but can wield just about any weapon handed to her. Most find her friendly and charming. She is collared by and mated to Eigen.

^-^ Feel free to give me a shout!