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Efimous Zhivotnaye (Mostly Known as Fima or Possum; Born April 4th, 1989) is a furry living in Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia.

Fima has theoretically been a furry since 2005, but only discovered the furry community in late 2007 after extensive searching. Fima decided to throw himself into the proverbial deep end of furry culture and met his first furs irl at the 2007 MidFur meet with 110+ attendants.

Fima Also dabbles in Anthropomorphic Art and writes the occasional furry story.

His Favourite Furs are; Ranger, Chryso, Sasha Dee, Sarketch, Arctic|Pete, Nankil, Kraden, Treemeadow, Jitters, Flare & Scota