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Jude P. Micheals (Eatter Essen Gin) was born April 20, 1987 In New York, and now resides in Louisiana. He is an anthropormorphic artist, a radio dj, and other various things at various times.


Jude works for a local Radio station called "The demon", in his current home in Natchitoches. He runs a show every Friday night from 10P.m. till 2 A.M. with his co-host Pan-pan. The show itself is combination talkshow/all request radio hour in which the subjects are ranged from typical college situations, to furry things, even to crude humour after the "Fcc, has gone to bed" (quoting Eatter during halloween special). He is referred to as Dj Eatter and has often been the center of many controversial topics on the show, stating that "It's more fun to play devil's advocate and get people's attention and them thinking, then to be boring and by the book."


Currently a student in college, going in on his third year, he is a sophomore level art student with a minor in English. He enjoys writing and illustrating his own short stories, many of which have a children's story book essence with a darker, deeper tone. He hopes to improve his skills and get the stories published once his collection is complete by the time he graduates.Currently he has four of twenty completed.


Eatter is most notably active online and on air, albiet he has been known to go to various cons and take many flights out to New York to see his mother and grandfather. He is a friendly person always open to new conversations and people, and likes to think of himself as open minded. He also is part of a small group called NSULAFURS. A furry and furry supporters organization on his college campus that meets bimonthly.

The first badge done of Eatter, by Rose G.


Eatter's fursonna is a male giant anteater. The fur is neon like green with dark green stripe markings down the side of is face and arms. He normally has an orange symbol on his muzzle that is supposed to be the radioactive symbol. His flesh and claws are a lighter blue. He has a very longue very prehensile tongue which has multiple peircings. He also hosts peircings on his eyebrows, nipples, and even has a jacob's ladder. His tail is extremely bushy and so large that it has become home to Hubert, a feral snake.


Eatter fursonna hosts a number of unique things about him. For one he is a size shifter, changing size at will, though normally staying at his natural height, 5'5". He also has a prehensile tongue that has yet to find an end. Eatter's digestive system is also a thing of interest. His stomach acid is so strong that it digests things completely and thuroughly, leaving nothing undigested in some form or fashion. Because of ths Eatter has a second stomach which is seen more as a holding tank that he can regurgitate things, and on occassion, people from.


Eatter is both a digital and traditional artist. Although when it comes to anthropormorpic art, he prefers digital. His main set of artwork tends to be based around vorish situations or micro/macro themes, but he also enjoys drawing a wide variety of things,and tends to spend a good amount of time working on many art styles and ideas. When drawing,thick lines are a key description to his artwork, as well as an unusual style of shading and highlighting. His art is hosted on furaffinity's website under anteater. He is open to many comissions and is willing to always make a deal with a person to give them what they want for reasonable prices.


Eatter made his first appearance at Fwa 2007, getting notice during the Talent show for his short stories. He also has been to RCFM 2007 and to Anthrocon 2008.