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Anthropomorphic works first published during 2017.

"{NOT in UMA 2017 list}" means not included in Ursa Major Awards 2017 Recommended Anthropomorphics List. UMA 2017 list closed (to new additions) "Last Update January 15, 2018".

The priority of this list (until after Ursa nominations close on February 15) is to focus on listing works that haven't made it into UMA's 2017 list.

Anthropomorphic motion picture[edit]

Anthropomorphic dramatic short work or series[edit]

  • The Real Cost commercial: "Straw City" (anti-smoking advert) vid (, January 27) {NOT in UMA 2017 list}
  • What the Hell is Squirrel and Hedgehog? (The North Korean propaganda cartoon) | A review video (Saberspark, September 7) {NOT in UMA 2017 list}

Anthropomorphic novel[edit]

Anthropomorphic short fiction[edit]

Anthropomorphic other literary work[edit]

Anthropomorphic non-fiction work[edit]

Anthropomorphic graphic story[edit]

Anthropomorphic comic strip[edit]

Anthropomorphic magazine[edit]

Anthropomorphic published illustration[edit]

Anthropomorphic game[edit]

Anthropomorphic website[edit]

  • WikiFur, furry wiki {NOT in UMA 2017 list}