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Anthropomorphic works first published during 2016.

"{not in UMA 2016 list}" means not included in Ursa Major Awards 2016 Recommended Anthropomorphics List (UMA list closed "Last Update January 16, 2017")

Motion Picture[edit]

Dramatic short work or series[edit]

  • The Natural World (vid by EZWolf (concept, camera, editing & soundtrack) and Shay (written & performed), August 19) {in UMA 2016 list}
  • Never Forget (vid)(directed by Kiba Rin Wolf (also camera & editing). Cast of Spook, Trooper, Apari and 13 named fursuiters at Christmas party and lobby cast. Apari (suite room logistics), Wynston Wolf (extra filming location). Music: Heartbreaking by Kevin MacLeod and All My Yesterdays by Alih-Jey; August 19){includes exerpt from Shake Up Christmas (Furry Music Video) by Apari used with permission} {not in UMA 2016 list}
  • PawPets VII Quantum of Salads - ConFuzzled 2016 (by PawPets UK with lots of people). {not in UMA 2016 list}


Short fiction[edit]

Other literary work[edit]

Non-fiction work[edit]

Graphic story[edit]

Comic strip[edit]


Published illustration[edit]