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Hello people, remember:

To do[edit]

  • continue cleanup of The Phoenix
  • recheck : potentially create (on 2016 March 15: homepage just has logo and says "Coming Eventually")
  • standardize FA external links into all lower-case with a "www" near start of URL (to make it easier to find duplicate article; otherwise Special:LinkSearch for FA results are (partial-list below)
    • withOUT "www"
      • starts with to (NO "www" and usernames starts with UPPERcase)
      • 2nd section: TO (NO "www" and usernames starts with lowercase)
    • WITH "www"
      • 3rd section: FA links with a "www" where username start with a symbol or number
      • 4th section: starts with (with "www" and username starts with UPPERcase)
      • 5th section: starts with (with "www" and username starts with lowercase)

To add[edit]

Hey everyone, feel free to start one (or more) of these articles yourself.

  • J P Morgan?
    • Valiant Varmints article says "John P. Morgan"
    • articles about "Critters" and "Lionheart" say "J.P. Morgan"
    • articles "List of contributors to Gallery" and "List of members of Rowrbrazzle" say "JP Morgan "

to add to Category:Animation[edit]

  • Earthworm Jim characters (added 2006Oct21)

to add to Category:Characters[edit]

  • Imp, a character from She-Ra:_Princess_of_Power animated series.

to add to Category:Comics[edit]

  • Aristocratic Xtraterrestrial Time-Travelling Thieves [4] [5] (added to list 2006 Aug 29)
  • Thunderbunny (Archie comics character that also appeared in comics published by WaRP) (added to list 2006 Aug 29) (updated 2006 Aug30)
  • furry characters in Arion, Lord of Atlantis comics (such as characters in Arion, Lord of Atlantis #16 (added to list 2006 Aug 28)
  • furry character(s) in Forever Maelstrom (added to list 2006 Aug 28)
  • furry character(s) in Maelstrom comics (lion-anthro was in Maelstrom #8 ) (added to list 2006 Aug 28)
  • Tellos and the furry characters in Tellos (added to list 2006 Aug 28)

to add: list of animal characters[edit]

  • Below is a list of (non-anthro) animal characters
  • bear and Klootz the moose in Hiero's Journey by Sterling E. Lanier
  • Buck is a fictional dog who is the main character in Jack London's novella Call of the Wild (which was adapted in movies and a television series). (added to list 2006 Aug 30)

to do: other[edit]

  • Some info from [wikipedia:Jaguars_in_Mesoamerican_culture] ?
  • Template to link to Comixpedia. Another template to link to belfry. (added 2006Oct25)
  • furry mascot of Cinemark cinema chain (added 2006Oct23)
  • If image displays with incorrect rotation, go to the image page and add &action=purge&1

Fursonal history[edit]

How I became a furry (from what I remember):

  • First stage: When I was a kid I was an avid reader (sometimes more than one book a day) which probably included some furry characters. I became interested in wolves because of ElfQuest comix. Around the same time I became a fan of Power Pack comix and liked the Kymellians (alien race that are horse-like). My enjoyment of the Kymellians increased when a human in Power Pack transformed in a Kymellian.
  • Second stage: While in high school, I listened to a science-fiction radio show called Ether Patrol. (We'll return to the Ether Patrol below)
  • Third stage: Next stage (that I remember) happened when I was at university and was probably Usenet or Gordon Spurlock
    • I read Usenet and so I probably read furry newsgroups such as
    • While I was at university I realized I was gay. I read an issue of Factsheet Five and it included a review of a gay furry comix (probably Labyrinth) by Gordon Spurlock. I ordered that comix from Gordon Spurlock and received it promptly.
  • Fourth stage: After university I continued to use the internet. Somehow I learned of the existence of Associated Student Bodies and ordered them from the Canadian distributor. I think I learned of ASB's existence via an Ether Patrol furry.
  • Fifth stage: Somehow (probably via web search or an Ether Patrol furry) I learn of the existence of vfur the local furry group and joined vfur in 1999.
  • Is that sufficient?

notes to self[edit]

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WikiFur:This week's featured article

  • 2017 weeks 16 to 30: redirect to Week 43, 2006 {Howloween} which came after featuring of Lion King
  • 2017 weeks 31 to 34 : redirect to Week 44, 2006 {Endless Round MUCK}
  • 2017 weeks 35 to 39: redirect to Week 45, 2006 {Lapism}
  • 2017 weeks 40 to 44: redirect to Week 48, 2006 {Ironclaw}

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