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Hi, I'm Mort. I'm brand new to the world of all things furry and so I know, well no-one. The truth is up until yesterday I had no idea I was a furry. I have a cat mask that I love to wear when I'm alone and when I'm around my friends I sometimes forget I'm human and just meow instead of answering properly.

It was only yesterday when I was reading a magazine article about furries that I suddenly realised that were other people who do this. I mean, the world is a big place so there was likely to be one or two, but I never guessed that there were thousands. That I wasn't a freak.

So I'm ready to don the kitty ears and say hello to a new life and make new friends.

Currently I'm studying towards a career in journalism, though I love fictional writing so much that I'm determined to one day publish a novel. I'm obsessed with creating lists of things to do before I die, morbid I know, but my name is Mort. Ah yes. My first name is actually Emma. Meaning that in full it translates as Universal Death, or dead universe, depneding on what kind of poetry your looking for h_h.

I have a bad habit of making a fool of myself and I'm quite clumsy, which is strange considering my alter ego is a cat but I'm warm at heart, though I hate admiting it.

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