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Rino Rex or just Rino is an eighteen year old gay anthropomorphic-reptile DJ who resides in British Columbia, Canada. He has a Green and beige reptilian character by the same name and career. The character design is strongly aligned with that of Dragoneer with the extended, wing-like ears.

Born with both his parents so immature that they could not deal with him when he was a baby, they left with their own problems. Luckily, however, his grandparents were there to take care of him and make sure he grew up with proper life skills. He grew up for many years not knowing what i wanted to be when he was older, he always pretended to either be astronaut, firefighter, police officer, lawyer or a store owner. However, this was not he was, and though it was fun pretending to be these, it was not what he was meant to be. Then at the age of 15 he decided he was going to become a Disc Jockey and be better then his parents, and to show the world what he is made of. He has been collecting the various equipment and information to give him a leading edge in this career since he was 16. Now at the age of 18 he is now rising to the topin th ranings on The DJ List , being in the top 8% of all DJ's worlwide.