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Ex-Artist, Suiter, Dragon

Morph (Morph Jpeg) also known as DwaggieMorph is a small white dragon from Sweden. He has been around online since the middle of 1997 using the name of Morph. Lately is been more common to see him around under the name DwaggieMorph as the name Morph became highly popular and used alot after The Matrix movies (1999 and onwards) as a shortening of Morpheus.

Morph used to be an artist back in 1998-2004 while mostly hanging around at[1] But in later years his creative side is barely shown but from time to time there's some random art popping up. He however still hangs around FA[2] quite alot and is easily contacted through that site as well as through various instant-message services as well as on FurNet irc.

Not until the later years has he taken up suiting, starting at EuroFurence 13 (2007) with a partial home-made suit. The suit was supposed to be a representation of his SecondLife character Morph Sun. However that partial suit did not last very long as it was shredded directly after the EF13. At Eurofurence 14 (2008) he was back with a new suit, named Narfie, a white fuzzy dragon with squeakable horns. It is a home-made full body suit which has no character history (by his own words..), a bit curious and with quite alot of a feminine side.