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Full title: Djasi Duneflower, kitten of Schala and Cherry-blossom, Great Sister of the Mages (though the last part is seldom used). Shi is a Djasi with the appearance of a kit-fox/Canadian-lynx hybrid, hir base coat being long and golden in colour with faint grey lynx-spotting on the back, and shi posesses the trademark blue hair of hir bloodline. Shi was born taurform, as with most of hir kin, but hir magical abilities allow hir to spend considerable amounts of time as a biped as well.

Shi magically locked hir body at the physical age of twelve (with a few modifications), having decided shi quite liked how shi looked at that age. Shi loves the idea of having a large family, and to that end has acquired several mates at various levels, though shi sometimes has difficulty classifying some of them - those shi definitely considers lifemates are the mostly-feline hybrid Tallis, the black vixen Jeria, and Chakats Raindancer and Sandstorm; shi has kittens with each of them and several more, and is always looking forward to the next one when not actively taking care of those already present.