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Duke the Wolf is a furry you'd meet and find that he's not what you'd expect a furry to be. He lives in Toledo, Ohio by himself. He joined the fandom at only age 11, accidentally coming by a vore video and falling in love with it. Every time you'd speak to him he'd be in a different mood than last time. Stress from his rough past caused this. Another thing that may cause him to be so moody is his experience on a forum, known as the "Hungry Pokemon Forums", or HPF for short. He joined the forum at age 12, six years underage. When he was 13, one of the moderators found out about this, and waited for him to log into the chat box, rather than just banning him on the spot. He publically embarrassed Duke, and since then only a few of his friends from that forum are still his friends now. He currently has accounts on DeviantART, Furaffinity, Eka's Portal, So Furry, and even the Black Labyrinth, which is pretty much a dead forum. He writes stories that all have adult content, all but one contain vore endings, or endings in which a character or characters are devoured by another.

Sexual Drama[edit]

Early in Duke's life, when he discovered the fandom, he became quickly obsessed with M/M, or gay yiff art. Although throughout all of his childhood he had known himself to be straight, he began questioning that. After deciding he could not keep away from his desires in yiff art, he thought he was now gay, although likely only about 11 at this time, he kept it all to himself, afraid of what others would think. He was able to do this because he only used the old computer in the basement while he still lived with his parents. Then, things got bad as Duke began to get into religion. He and his family were all Christians, and Duke knew that being a homosexual was frowned upon by that religion. After a few melt downs and episodes, Duke finally came to the conclusion that he was bisexual. Currently he is single and seeking a girl friend. His parents to this day do not know about him being bi, they always assumed he was straight, and they still do.

Duke's Life Today[edit]

Today, Duke is a student who attends a junior high in Toledo, Jefferson Junior High. While he is not at school, he enjoys going on travel trips with his family. His favorite trip so far has been the trip to Minnesota. He lives at his parents' house, since he is under 18, and to contact him by mail. He spends most of his free time chatting with friends with instant messengers and writing stories. Also, he is a big fan of the Final Fantasy series, so he spends a lot of time playing those games as well. His real name is DJ Rowland.

Artist Details[edit]

Duke's stories are not popular at all. Duke is yet to become a better writer as he writes more and more stories. You can find his stories in any of the sites listed above. He tends to enjoy writing them more than reading them, and sometimes, if he's in a good mood, he'll read others' stories. Some of his favorite artists include: Enigma Shadow, Enumatse Fluffy, Linkin Monroe, Kumbartha, Todex, and many other artists as well, all of the listed either draw vore or gay yiff art. An artist in the making, Duke takes many classes in junior high and plans on becoming a far better writer in the future.

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