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Drudwyn (born January 27th, 1985, in Ashford, England) is a furry and LARPer from North Kent.

Drudwyn lives and works in the south east,

As your actual anthropomorphic domestic mongrel dog, also known as a Heinz (57 varieties and all that), Drudwyn's own brand of canine wagginess is frequently admired. Standing six feet tall, scruffy, gold and brown in colour, with floppy ears and a fairly excessive amount of confidence and wag, he tends to fit in in most social circles. With a slightly crooked muzzle, big foot paws and a general unkempt appearance, he remains perpetually bouncy and happy, with a loud bark, and a very easily identifiable guffaw that can usually be heard across even the most packed room.

He is engaged to a domestic cat by the name of Eyo.

Names and Aliases[edit]

The name Drudwyn is taken from a dog character from the Mabinogion, which as a choice of name goes is both applicable (Yay for European folk stories!) and really bloody annoying. It's difficult to pronounce, doesn't roll off the tongue, but is now so old that there's no point in changing it. To make it easier, there's a whole host of other names that Drudwyn goes by.

E.g. Pup, Dogboy, DoggyD, Drudders, Doggy etc.

About 12 years ago, when he first became active in the scene, he was known as Wulfio.