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This is a page about the user (Drakon Lameth).
This user is a furry (Obviously) and a master/mistress of many forms.

You can find her on Second Life, by the same name. However, her form may depend on the name she'd prefer to be called by:
EX: Form, Gender (Name, note)

Espeon, Female (Starshine, Ronin/RedMage)
Umbreon, Male (Moonlight, knight)
Jolteon, Female (Arcadius, cyborg)
Eevee, Herm (Eon)
Flareon, Male (Volcanius, free spirit)
Metal Jogauni, Female (Shale)
Lioness, Female (Erkia/Drakon, dark cloaked wanderer)
Ninetales, Female (Kiotsu, flame kitsune of sorts)

There's a couple of her forms, though, with special notes.

Vapor, the sometimes rubber Vaporeon cub. This is her "default" form whenever she's around the DJ, Kahncub Farina, as she's the DJ's pet/cub. At roughly 8 years of age, Vapor knows what she's doing most of the time, and yet is cute enough to get away with it.

Chakat Sandhorn This is hir other form, a chakat. A sand yellow color, with an odd green-yellow stripe running from shoulders to tailbase, and a set of three horns around each ear. Shi also has a daughter, tenetivly known as Chakat Caox, who's official due date is late November '06.

SecondLifeHand.png This user has a Second Life account. Their name is Drakon Lameth.