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A newbie anthro artist that born in 1993, West Java, Indonesia. He like mostly anthro dragon, especially the bulky one. He has two avatar, the anthro one, a bulky light blue dragon with a pair of gold horn and cyan long hair wearing a rainbow prism necklace, and the human one, his own original appearance. Likes fursuit, especially the dragon fursuit like (Qing Long Fursuit is his most favourite than others, the macro blue dragon from Singapore, but he still like other dragon fursuit). He is really close with an artist called Foster-Tony, the big green shark(y).


He didn't have any dream in the past, until he inadvertently met anthro artist on the internet for the very first time. This lead him met some local anthro artist too, who seperated through many provinces and islands. He then was invited to the local group but then after some times he left it, because he sensed some kind of unfair thing on that local group. He then decided to be acknowledged one, become famous one like other artist both by person and by skill by a lot of people, especially his own local friends, and once he got it, he want to end the unfair one and also want to kill any negativity that living inside most people (it can be referred to helping people who is need a help). This considered as his true dream.


Even he is weird and harsh, he is actually kind type person and also has a warmth heart. Curious, optimistic, passionate, exuberrant, strict, thorough, neat, honest, care, and try anticipate anything. He can be friends with anyone in any different type person, in other words, flexible person, who can do fast adaption in any atmosphere.