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Draconis is a self proclaimed smartarse, who enjoys reading various webcomics, listening to game remixes, and pointing out morons. He's no stranger to being civil, but piss him off, and you'll see his dead serious side. He has his own flavor of randomness, and isn't afraid to show it.

What the Hell do you want?

Humble Beginnings[edit]

Draconis got his start on the internet at a forum called "Anime League" under the Usnername: XZERO22XX, and later changed it "Shadow Warrior". After his PC crashed for the first time(but not the last), he lost everything on his favorites list. He completely forgot about the "Anime League" forums until a couple of years later, but he didn't return. His next forum was the "Planet Megaman" forums, which is where he took up the name of Draconis. Draconis knew he had found something awesome at PMM, and was completely at home there. From the awesome members, to the awesome topics, PMM was a forum utopia. Later, a major downtime occured, and PMM was replaced with the Megaman Commuinity. For a while, the MMC was a decent forum, but the current leader, Nyne, was a tyrannical dictator, who overuled everything the rest of the staff did, from unbanning morons, to badmouthing a member of the commuinty who had recently passed away. If not for this member, there probably would not have even been a commuinity. After some exchanges of words, the commuinity was deleted by Nyne in an immature fit of, "If I can't have my way, then I'll destroy the commuinity".

During the reign of PMM, Draconis joined a few other small forums, such as "The Trinity of Evil", which was run by Nightmare X, Lucifer, and King Spider. He also joined an awesome forum known as "Megaman the Legend", which was run by Megaman Nova, or Nova for short, and later run by Drifter, who was awesome. Draconis even started his own forum, but it was not as active as he had hoped. He later created a Tripod site to host the forum, but that didn't help. During his forum's dying days, a person known as CJMErl offered to host his site, and give Draconis a small subforum for discussion of his site. Draconis was already a Mod at at CJ's forum, "CJF", and quickly accepted the offer.

Recent Happenings[edit]

Things were great at CJF, and from a link there, Draconis found another great forum, known as "EchoWorlds", where CJ was an admin. Between CJF, and EW, Draconis was a happy smartarse. He would post at both forums(despite being a new forum to him, he posted at EW a lot), and had quite a good time. But sadly, Draconis was was uprooted from his current living quarters, and was without internet for over a month. During this time, CJF, and EW merged to form the "EchoNetwork". Naturally, Draconis took to posting there, where he retained his mod status. After a few initial doubts about the merger, Draconis was quite pleased with the results, and all doubt vanished from his mind. He is currently posting at EN, and continues to be a smartarse.

Draconis does'nt only post at forums, he also browses Newgrounds from time to time, and is currently on a search for random images, in the hopes that he can assume the role of "Random Picture Man", a title from his Megaman the Legend days.

Random Facts[edit]

-Over the course of his e-life, Draconis has met many awesome people, such as Drifter, Skull, Pirate Cortez, Swiftman, Lazlo Falconi, CJMErl, ByteMan, Jody, Chaotix, and many others.

-Draconis is Blizzard Wolfang of the Megaman X6 Team, "The Reploid Rebellion", along with Shift(Blaze Heatnix), Yami CJMErl(CJ's dark alternate, who is Metal Shark Player), Brick(Rainy Turtliloid), Skull(Infinity Mijinion), Jason/Mr. Fortune Cookie(Shield Sheldon), Jeremy(Commander Yammark), and Nakori(Ground Scaravich.

-Draconis has dealt with his fair share of idiots, morons, and n00bs over his e-life.