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Draco Lee Rose Brief Background Character History

Draco Lee Rose or also known as The Dragon of the Rose is a normal fire and water mixed dragon male. He hails from the old lands near Scotland and Ireland, though has been known to have lived in England for a few centuries as well. Draco is a only child due to the war between humans and dragons, known back many eons ago which is now refereed to as "The Great Human Dragon War". Years after the war ended Draco hatched from his dormant egg thanks to the help of a few priests that have found his seemingly dead egg, after careful study of proper dragon egg incubation. Once hatched Draco lived amongst the human priests for a few centuries till the ripe age of becoming a teenager, or lesser dragon. He left the home he grew to know and love to fend for himself as many young dragons around his age do, though being resided around humans, Draco found his kind is not welcomed around the world that once was ruled by the mighty beasts. His first contact with humans turned into a attack on himself and caused poor Draco to burn the human warriors with his fiery breathe till nothing was left but piles of scattered ashes and burnt melted metals. After which Draco had left the land of England, his home of at least forty years and went to reside else where known as Ireland. There on a cliff side near the open sea he remained for a long lonely life till one day, a rather odd one at that, a human was pushed off a cliff only to be rescued by the now 203 years dragon. The female human though was in panic and fought at Draco as she was a rather famous dragon slayer and thought of Draco as a beast and was going to kill her and thus she had to kill him before he could end her life. After much struggling, biting, scratching, and failed attempts the woman found herself in his cave and nothing more. She was not harmed, eaten, made a slave, or worst a egg carrier. Instead Draco had let her go. She welcomed this and left without so much a thank you or anything. Though after a few long months the woman returned and from there a long life started for them both as Draco and the slayer lived as mates. After years of the two learning each other the fruits of love was sown and the female human gave birth, or laid the next generation of dragons with Draco as the farther. Sadly the first of the tries ended with failure as the egg was dead and not like how Draco's was but it did not form through correctly. So with heavy hearts the first of their young was buried and left for all to see that their love indeed was great and pure as it brought life into their lives for a brief moment. After the wounds of their first try had healed and the human female was able they did try once more and this time two eggs were laid and hatched well and two young baby whelps were born into the world. A half dragon and human hybrid dragon.

 Draco in Throne.jpg

Player Notes

Draco Lee Rose is played by Daniel S.L. Berry. Daniel lives in North America located in the state of Georgia. Daniel is 24 years of age and will turn 25 on February 14, 2011. He is married and happily so to a DeJuana M. Berry, age 21, birth date September 1, 1989, she is also known as Asia Landar Rose from

Hobbies both Player and Draco Lee Rose

Draco likes to now a days in modern times watch television, hang out with his newly found friends, and be with his loving mate Asia.

Daniel enjoys being online and chatting. He also enjoys the every now and then times he gets to role play on Second Life, Star Craft II, and playing on X Box 360.While having free time on his hands Daniel does every so often draws Anthropomorphic drawings of his character and others, posting the images on the site