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Well, I guess it's time to join the furry wiki as well. :3

Anyway! My name's Denis Pedersen, and I'm a Norwegian nationalist born 030397. I'm pansexual (can be interested in anyone regardless of gender, which means I could also be in a relatonship with someone that is herm-, unisex or trans-. :) I only judge based on personality), and I've been interested in anthro-animals since I was a kid (sometimes I dreamed that I could transform into a dog xD) and my favourite TV-show was Lilo & Stitch (I regret losing the movie, welp). However, I didn't "officially" join the fandom until I came across it recently on a wiki website revolving around writing biased information regarding touchy subjects for the fun of it, which I frequent quite often since I am able to find humour in everything (I do keep the limits of others in mind though!). Anyway, coming across an article on "Furry" on this page, Encyclopædia Dramatica, I found it interesting, and looking more into it, I found out that I actually was a furry without knowing! D: So I publicly joined the fandom, and I've met a lot of cool people since I did. :D

As for hobbies... I'm into roleplay, boxing, gaming, drawing (though I'm terrible at it xD), writing (poems, lyrics, stories), playing guitar and singing. :3 I've also started making a partial fursuit for my fursona, Half-note, whom is a musical Border Collie. :D I've got the tail done so far. But yah, that's pretty much it. hoping to meet a lot of good people and help make this wiki better. :D

-Denis Pedersen

My Steam, so that we can play games and shit: dpletion

My FA, so you can laugh at my awful work: Dog-likeDenis

My FAF, so you can post flamebaits on my visitor message page that I inevitably will react to: Dog-likeDenis

My Skype, so that you can try to get close to me: denis.pedersen1

My phone number, so that you can...: Maybe you'll get it, probably won't even bother trying (forver alone, welp)

My addr...: AHEM. I like to get to know people before I go that far.