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The Young Life[edit]

Dobb was born on the April of 10 in 1990 in Kuala Lumpur. Born into a family of law enforcers as well as engineers, none however receieve or possess any interest in art or any creative media, Dobb however is going to be the first.

Having been move to Sarawak (Borneo) at a young age, Dobb attempts at art were fairly good, progress was made until computers were introduced into his life in 1996. Life went on as normal until the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 where Dobb was suffering from many, many setbacks. To avoid the troubles, Dobb's father, a police officer was transferred to Kuantan, Pahang, a minor city in the eastern coast of Malaysia.

The Little Schoolboy[edit]

After residing in the little town of Kuantan, his life was good, moving on as usual, being with his little friends, playing Red Alert: Retaliation on the PlayStation, Blake Stone: Alien of Gold on his PC and being active in cycling. Dobb had quite a normal life until his family was close to being bankrupt in 2000. One night at around 8pm, the lottery numbers were drawn and it looked like there was still hope remaining, but alas the devil played a fool on them as his mother forgot to buy the lottery ticket and was severely beaten by her husband. Enraged and grieved at the incident, his mother attempted suicide but failed as the fight progressed on. Dobb, being the cowardly dog that he was, ran into the woods around his house and remained hidden for the whole day, wearing nothing but his pyjamas and holding nothing but a pillow. He went through hell that night, with the freezing cold as well as insect bites and the sudden appearence of the wild animals, he managed to go through it. On that day, he realized something — his family was slowly going through a breakdown.

Fearing the condition he was in, he quickly sought help to stop this madness. As time went on, he suffered more and more problems. Illnesses, family, schoolwork, stress and such, he was finally able to move on. After 6 years of studying in a local Chinese-only primary school, he finally managed a good enough result to avoid being sent to reform school in his secondary years.

The Not-So-Little Schoolboy In 2003[edit]

In 2003, Dobb enrolled in a local secondary school famed for many illegal activities among students such as prostitution, gangsterism, gambling and the likes. By that time, Dobb was 13 and knew nothing of love, only to avoid it. Hardly an attention seeker nor a social-type person, he and his best friend Frederick Lee went through the most comedic moments of their lives together.

Examples of their acts involved in being prefects, the corrupted prefects, participation in gangsterism, pirated CD peddling and also fights. Dobb however realized nothing had come through these and wished to stop. He has the power to but failed to use it as he was blinded by his male lover, an arrogant 16 year old student. Dobb however did find some pleasure in being with him, but after some brief moments of togetherness, he dissapears, never heard again and also forgotten in his mind now.

During those years, his father had volunteered for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Kosovo, Yugoslavia. And it was up to his mother to care for him and his younger brother. After the end of the mission his father flew back home promoted to a higher rank. A promotion would only mean transfer and Dobb was ready to leave this hellhole of his and seek new refuge in a city called Kota Bharu, a place where Muslims ruled most and the Chinese were oppressed. Was it better to stay in Kuantan where all the evil is preparing to pounce him?Or leave the place and search for a new locale?

He however chooses the latter,he goes for Kota Bharu.


Dobb's interests include researching on the fall of Third Reich, the myth of war, the strategems and tactics applied in the battlefield and whatever that is war. A fan of many World War 2 films such as Saving Private Ryan, The Eagle Has Landed, Band of Brothers, The Dirty Dozen, Stalingrad, Enemy at the Gates as well as other war films such as Red Dawn, Taegukgi: The Brotherhood of War, The Patriot and the likes.

A recent fan of Warhammer 40K and a hardcore Star Wars geekfan, his favourite anime is Hellsing. Apart from that, he is looking for Adolf by Osamu Tzeuka and is bound to spend around 200 ringgit for the trilogy. Dobb also spends his time reading about politics. In summary, he is into German culture and its language; Warhammer; WW2 and other wars; weapons; and current affairs.