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A relaxed pose of DNA, a curious mixture of species rolled into a predominantly draconic form.

Dnapalmhead (or "DNA" for short) is a writer and artist, dealing almost exclusively in anthro-macrophilic themes. An avid growth/giant lover, his works cover a range of sizes, with written and drawn characters ranging from Godzilla-sized to planet-sized, and well beyond.

His online persona (or fursona) is a scalie, a 444-foot tall, size-changing hybrid dragon, mixing the features of rabbits, wolves, lizards, and kangaroos into one. While he seems to have a preference for dragons, other species are also constantly explored and depicted in his works, with a moderate balance between both male and female genders.

Most of his work ranges from clean to soft-core, with a heavy emphasis on black-and-white pencil, and some occassional ink. One of the only works that maintains inking is his "Free Lunch", a small, ongoing macro/megamacro comic, whereas almost all of his normal work is in pencil.

A member of the anthro-macro community since 2002, he has spent most of his time popping off and on, constantly appearing and disappearing in various forums online, and leaving a trail of growth-themed lunacy in his wake.


Free Lunch, as mentioned before, has been running in a slow kind of online syndication since 2003, on varying forums, starting back at Lofty Bearing, then passing on through, then Fur Affinity. The comic, though containing a story, is mostly a near-nonstop string of growth spurts, shared by the two main characters, as they steadily mutate and outgrow more and more of the world.
The ever-growing, nameless Lizard from "Free Lunch".

D.S., an abbreviation of "Diamond Skies", has so far been revealed only in a brief kind of comic-style teaser. From what little there is to be gleaned, it seems to revolve around a human girl stuck in a world of furry creatures and, sure enough, giants. Not much is known about the project at this time, though the teaser was released all the way back in 2002.
A page from the teaser for D.S.

Big Gulp, a brief sequence of weight-gain gone mad, shows a bit of a penchant for inflation, as well as for straight-up growth.

His written works deal almost completely in macrophilic fanfics, and can all be found at his website. They've covered shows and games alike, from stories with characters from the Free Willy animated series, to Digimon, to the Super Smash Bros. video game characters, etc.

Other individual commissions, stories, sequences and pictures can be found on his webpage: