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Hi! I'm Anna Wilson. AKA Electra. I am known to be Disney Bolt's biggest #1 fan! "NOT ONYX." I  own over 155 bolt items including homeade custom plushies and figures. Every birthday I have, My besties and regular friends give me bolt cards! I always get bolt gifts and that is probably why i have so much bolt stuff. I have a few rare bolt plushies and some non rare plushies of bolt, mittens, and rhino. I once drew bolt on my mathbook and got in HUGE trouble. lol! I thought that was strange. I also bring some of my bolt stationary to every school day. My door says welcome to bolt's #1 fan's room! I also have a bolt item that nobody in the whole world owns. A homeade 25 inch bolt plush that is lying down. I talk about bolt way too much and watch bolt every single night of my life. My friends don't call me Anna, they call me Bolt's #1 fan! how cool is that! be-yoink! I say fully awesome and beawesome every day and even act out the superbark in PUBLIC! I just end up getting stared at. I don't beleive in bonyx or onyx or whatever that crap is. My couple name with bolt is Bolectra. Bonyx just sounds supid. no offence. Ronyx is alright but I realy love bolectra. I am also not selling an of my things. Don't ask me. If I were to sell my giant homeade bolt, he would be $500. I am not selling him AT ALL! I have a boltno1fan flag that looks just like the one onyx forepaw holds. I wright fanfictions of bolectra on microsoft office word every day. They are private so they will not be posted. Also, whenever I feel depresed,angry, furious, sad or whatever they are, I SQUEEZE my bolt plushie in my arms harder that any mother protecting her child! I'M NOT bolt'a biggest fan because i hsve too many bolt items, I have him wenever i feel lost on the inside and sad on the outside.