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aka "the digitalmouse", aka "digi", aka "hey you! come back here!"

Not exactly a furry, but certainly a furry-sympathizer. This moniker was used as the name of a freelance website business called 'digitalmouse international' that began in 1999/2000. Throughout his online wanderings, digi has appeared in such venues as the BYOND game-programming community, various Linux/website-related forums, numerous recumbent cycling and velomobile communities, Furcadia, FurryMUCK and other non-furry MUDs, MUSHes, and MOOs (primarily sci-fi themed), and for the last 4 years can be found in Second Life under the names 'digitalmouse Gears' and 'digital Darwinian' (and a few other alternate 'mouse' accounts).

Currently, digi is the manager of the digital distractions Gallery ('ddG') in Second Life, found at various well-known venues.

Current list of gallery locations:

- Furry Fashion offers PG-rated portraits, sketches, and fantasy-themed furry material.

- Fur Pleasure offers Adult content.

It's a partial work-in-progress, currently restoring artwork to a newly provided building at the Furry Fashion site.

The gallery is aimed at providing furry and non-furry artists, sculptors, and photographers a venue to show off their work, increasing their exposure to the public in-world and perhaps making a little pocket money on the side through the sale of their creations. ddG does not operate at a profit, but is focused on helping artisans increase their commissions by providing gallery space or putting up 'contact cards' in a directory-like fashion.

(SLURLS and bio links to come)