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DJ Digi-Fox is an alias of Louie Moran who currently roleplays as the character Foxglove from his popular Auravision stories. Digi-Fox is a DJ who plays at Furry conventions such as Rainfurrest.

Digi-Fox began his DJ career under the alias Keela on WLJM Radio Furtopia doing mix shows on Friday Nights during the fall of 2004. The format was geared toward old school 90's house and eurodance music and was mixed live on Shoutcast Radio. The Dancefloor was never a big draw and quickly lost popularity as the furtopia message board had a high turnover rate. Digi-Fox made the decision of leaving Radio Furtopia in June 2007.

After leaving radio furtopia, Digi-Fox landed a gig at the first ever Rainfurrest convention held in Seattle, Washington that very same summer. Later on that year Digi-Fox played a gig at a Halloween themed party held by Aphinity in North Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 2008, Digi-Fox is scheduled to play at Rainfurrest 2008. He is also currently in the works of setting up some possible club residencies on Second Life at places Like The Gay Yiffy Club.

Digi-Fox currently plays a selection of electro house, funky house and disco house. A large number of the tracks he playes are remixes of older songs remixed for a generation of clubbing furs.