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Birth & Residence[edit]

Born July 12th, 1991. On Maui, Hawaii.

Dibbun(Real Name: Michael Hodgson) is a furry residing in Orlando, Florida. Part of the Orlando Furs group.

General Facts[edit]

While a Senior, at Dr.Phillips High School, Dibbun is a Blue Panther known for having fun and bouncing all over the place at conventions. The reason for the high amounts of energy is partially due to Dibbun's addiction to Bawls the Energy Drink. If you see a Blur of Blue and Asian run past you at a Furry convention, it was probably Dibbun.

Dibbun's other recreational activities include:

-Paintballing Locally at HyperSports Paintball Park (Always wearing a Tail)

-Surfing/Going to the Beach

-Video Games


Dibbun is attracted to the Furry Fandom mainly from it's literature base, famous authors like Kyell Gold whom wrote "Out Of Position" "Volle" "Pendant of Fortune" And "Waterways" is known for his high quality work.

Dibbun got his name originally from the RedWall Series, which was small 'furry' novels written by Brian Jacques.

Conventions /Furry Meets Attended[edit]

-Furry Weekend Atlanta 2009

-Furloween 2008

-Elliott's Winter Carnival 2008

-Elliott's Spring Gathering 2009

-JaxFur's Picnic Meet 2009

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