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DevilynRave is a ice blue tiger with rose vine stripes leading to a rose on her belly. She works on stories and drawings when she isn't out and about licking windows and being random in general.

Background DevilynRave was born in San Diego California, and grew up in various parts of San Diego. She spent alot of time as a child exploring nature and playing animals with her cousins, she was always a white tiger. As she grew up, her love and respect for the big cat grew. At her first meet up, she was hooked, and is anticipating hopefully her first convention this year.

Current State She is now a rave tiger who is loveable and protective over her friends. She loves hanging out with her friends and enjoys doing things to make people smile, even licking invisible windows. She is currently working on a book that is about zombies, and plans to be finished by january next year. Until then, she writes, draws, enjoy's ear scratches and summoning Cthulhu.

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