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Name and Alias[edit]

DerpyDoo has been in the furry community for a little over 10 years now under many alias's, Starting off with the name "UltimateFox", it didn't take long for him to realise this didn't represent him correctly as it gave the wrong impression of his character, instead he decided to go with his childhood nickname of "Derpy" but because that name was used quite a bit he decided to add "Doo" on the end of it as it sounds like Derpy does, 'DerpyDoo Something'. Using this new idea and name he was able to show where he had been, from "DerpyDooReviews" when he writes reviews or "DerpyDooDesigns" when he creates and posts art, "DerpyDooArt" was used for his streaming profile and a new one "DerpyDooGames" for his new Game recordings and streaming.

After the release of the "My little pony: Friendship is magic" many people believe his name to be based on the pony called "Derpy hooves" but this is untrue and DerpyDoo has no real affiliation with the MLP series.


DerpyDoo has over 20 characters but his main ones are listed under "CBG" which was his first comic that he drew when he was 10 years old, the characters in that comic came to be known as "The CBG Crew" which was David, Angus and Trixy. Later he created another comic book series which was a sub series of The CBG, set in the same unniverse but hundreds of years in the past, these characters were called Servare, Purus and Trixy, Trixy being an ancestor of the first Trixy to tie the series together. As well as these main 6 characters were many others such as Dick, Red, Violette and the Human versions of the main 6 characters which had their own comic spin-off.

Involvement with the Furry fandom[edit]

DerpyDoo has been a part of the furry fandom for over 10 years and has been a part of many fandom related websites such as Fur Affinity, Ink Bunny, E621 and more, as well as helping to run several forums and websites not to mention all the events taking place outside of the internet like conventions, meets and charities. He is also an artist and takes comissions as well as offering free sketch streams from time to time, having had his art used on several websites, forums and in real life events.


DerpyDoo plans to go to as many Conventions and furmeets as humanly possible so he can meet many friends and see what the furry fandom is like all over the world, so far his scedule for 2015 includes:

  • Confuzzled 2015 ~ Birmingham.
  • Canterbury Furmeet ~ Canterbury.
  • LF Summer Weekender 2015 ~ London.


DerpyDoo has worked on many comics though his favourite being the first and second series of CBG comics.

Series one:

Escape from the incinerator

  1. The CBG: Escape from the incinerator.
  2. The CBG: Captured.
  3. The CBG: Revenge for the fallen.
  4. The CBG: Eaten Alive.
  5. The CBG: The End part 1.
  6. The CBG: The End part 2.
  7. The CBG: Memories.

Series Two:

  1. The CBG: Servare.
  2. The CBG: Trixy.
  3. The CBG: Fantastical Adventures!
  4. The CBG: Love at second glance.
  5. The CBG: Purus.
  6. The CBG: Don't Cry.
  7. The CBG: Descisions.

Series Three:

  1. The CBG: Zero Hour. (in production)
  2.  ???

Mini Comics[edit]

There have been quite a few mini comics, a lot more then there are listed here as many were lost to time.

  1. Sarah and the CBG Crew.
  2. Angus leaves the CBG.
  3. Angus leaves the CBG part 2.
  4. Trixy's in heat!
  5. Magic Mushroom.
  6. Magic Drugs.
  7. Fuck you i'm batman!
  9. Rape part 1
  10. Rape part 2
  11. Rape part 3
  12. Koffing!
  13. The KKK Furry.
  14. Wonderland.
  15. Sex is A-ok!
  16. Drugs are bad M'kay?

Drugs are bad M'kay?