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Decon Darthomew Bingo, Decon-D, or DD is owned by Aputsiaq Jerimiassen form denmark. <p>Decon is a very unfortunate series of events that all started with his farther, Matthew Darthomew Dog, and a woman he met on a club that day, named Beatrix Jackson Bat.

Decon is a hybrid of a Dingo Dog and a Bat. Though he was born blind, he later was granted the gift of some sort of sight. He was also born with a metabolism, that made his cell regeneration rate, faster than any other on the planet. Which made him the ideal subject for testing different technologies, his father sold him for that research.

During the testing he, at the age of twelve, gained the abillity to see almost any form of electromagnetic radiation, rendering him able to see the real world. His sight was not in colour though, it was hardly in grey scale, it was black and white, black background with white lines that defined the edges on any surface, which made him able to see things that noone else could see, minute cracks on any surface, and the texture of it. Later in life, he discovered that if he focused hard enough, he was able to see colours, by absorbing all the Electromagnetic Radiation that everything emmits, though this had some side effects, everythings turned black for any other person, and if he stayed in this state to long, he would eventually kill everything he looked at, and maybe even himself.

At the age of eighteen, he gained the abillity to emmit his own form of radiation, and that made him able to produce huge amounts of energy that he could release, and use as a weapon. The research facillity, E967, wanted to use this for millitary purposes, but when the treatment started to show it's side effects they stopped all progress of it.

DD suffered from different side effects, his fur turned from the slightly purple white, to completely blue, his tail fell of together with his wings, and he started to have mental problems. Eventually a voice in his head talked him into destroying the entire research facillity, killing everything and everyone in it. He came to his senses a few days later, and in his grief, he tried to commit suicide, but failed.

A few years later he was on various drugs to keep him sane.

He learned to control himself, and at the age of twentyseven, he started as a hitman. He had found out that people would pay to see other people dead, and took advantage of this. he had worked for various gangs and mafias. but enventually he was caught, and forced to eliminate as many gangs and mafias he could. in exchange for his freedom. He helped bring a peace to the world, but was paid very little, and that pissed him off more and more each day.

After a few years he snapped again. Five big cities was completely destroyed, and more than five million people died. When he woke up from his haze, he was even more grief struck than the first time. he then agreed to have himself in a coma, while they would harvest his energy. He would remain in this state for several decades.

The creator[edit]

The creator and owner of DD, is Aj.
Aj was born 11-23-1990 in Greenland, but lives in Denmark at the current moment.

These are his "Art" sites:


More information about the artist can be found there