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See the article about D.G Greywolf. WikiFur User

Hi, I'm Deathgliger. You may know me on DA or FA, or you may not. As you may already know by the Article about me I'm a Furry or Draconic Artist, and I'm working on Greywolf to hopefully later put him into fursuit. I currently don't have any works of Greywolf, but the first will be up on DA and FA ASAP, so just hold out for a while. The main problem of the delay is because I can't get my head around the fur anatomy of it, or the head. The rest is simple enough. Feel free to watch me on FA or DA, or even subscribe on YT. I will probably be posting up vids of methods on how to draw D.G. Fan Scraps in the future. I have a Fan Forum, but it's currently under construction. As a little spoiler onto the official D.G fan forums: Contained within it's walls will be News about the latest Greywolf-Related News, tips on improving your artistic technique, and even a fan art gallery! The link to the forums will be posted on the D.G Greywolf FurWiki Page, so feel free to register to the latest Furry on the block!

  • Extra note - The forums will be opened to the public on the date that I release my first D.G. Artwork Piece, his fursona.