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One of the many aspects of JSharp's Character
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Previous WikiFur User: DeVandalizer
Primary Name: J♯ (Jae Sharp)
Birthdate: June 26, 1986
Gender: Male
Favorite Quote: "Uncertain fortune is thoroughly mastered by the equity of the calculation." - Blaise Pascal
  • Contact Information
    • E-mail: use this form
    • Leave a note on my talk page (please use a new heading unless you are replying to previous message).

Planned Work

  • Complete more illustrations for wikifur in general
    • Fix illustrations already made
  • Clean up of:
    • FyI (reads like a personal review, these belong in user space but should be linked from the article)
  • Create article set for the web-comic Vreakerz -- see Category:Comics (Comics to add)
    • Must finish "typical fursona" section (work on hold, will continue when fursuit is stable

Currently Working On

  • Improve Fursuit (especially regarding the construction of)
    • subarticles will be neccessary for some advanced topics (acting, in depth coverage of the mechanics and design of digitgrade emulation systems, etc.) but can be breifly covered by the main article though it may be neccessary to separate the construction aspect of fursuit from the general discussion perhapse an overview followed by a subarticle "see here"
    • Wow, a lot has gone on here -- I'd like to create a fursuit portal similar to community central to consolidate and display information. More on WikiFur:Project Fursuit Central
  • ScritchBot, anti-vandal and general utility robot program

Recently Completed

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