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David Fox
David Fox (born February 3, 1991) is an Australian fur who lives in Sydney. A grey zorro, he became a furry in 2005 when he discovered FurIRC (, then furnet, and fellow Australian furs. His fursona is a Gray Fox.


(As of October 2006, he had met Moreth and Raz.)

His second furmeet, which was on the 14th of October 2006, was a small meet, consisting of Auri, Ebony Pony, Flaydramon, JayFox, Smacky_wolf and AnubisRubberFox. This furmeet was his primary introduction to the sydney furry community, and real life furry interaction in general.

His third furmeet, concidently on the 3rd of December, let him meet Smackywolf and Flaydramon again. As well as letting him meet; Devil, Jayfear, Ranardath, Xy, Pete and Angel. The meet went well for the most part.

A forth impomptu furmeet, on the 14th of January 2007, was attended by By David Fox after he had suffered some difficulties at home. His personality was unaffected, being his normal timid self. Some time between the 3rd and 4th furmeets, David had bought a tail from DustanDfox, and wore it for parts of this 'meet'... This however made him a target for 'tail tapping' where quick stepping abilities let him escape.


David Fox is an avid gamer, and can be found on Xfire quite often, and also hangs out on #Ozfurs and #David's_Den on Furnet

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