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.:: The Darkbane Clan of Ayenee::.

PRELUDE: What was given can always be taken back… it was the way of all things when taken for granted or abused by foolish and cowardly action; such as this was never a toleration of the cult known as Darkbane- though only those truly imbued with the blood could know this, that of the first and second generations who were given the blood of Pandora upon initiation as well as the scourge of the ‘Malum Singultus’ commonly known as the ‘Death Rattle’ and grueling procedure than involved the branding of both body and soul then running the gauntlet of the clan and partaking in the tests set out before the leaders of the cult- fight to the death with other recruiting members; it was simply live or die to prove your worth before the eyes of Pandora. The history is long and scandalous filled with loyalty, twists and betrayals… just like any other saga is has its triumphs and setbacks one thing that cannot be disputed is that the name still lives on this day.

DISCLAIMER: The original Darkbane’s were nothing more than basic characters: Mortals, Vampires, Lesser Demons (these had to be actually conjured by those in the priesthood before becoming active in the role-play and cult) and lastly Garou/Werewolves (though only one member ever took on this identity aka Razma Darkbane). PC’s were never permitted in this cult simply due to the fact of the time frame this cult was based in 900BC-1500’s and never after or before this time. Gods were not accepted into the ranks, Pandora was the only one necessary and served as the focus of all sin until Atra rose up in the ranks and earned the place at Pandora’s side as 2nd in command. Chris Flagg who was the co-founder and player of Spectre Darqphyre quit mid 2000 to pursue his career in the Navy and did not return to role-play until Darkbane had taken up residency in in 2004. The last founder of Darkbane Darlene O’Brien finally quit role-play in 2001, approximately 6 months after I had around October 2000 and has not returned since. Darkbane simply moved to having been invited there by one of the moderators at the time.

But now mostly active on

THE TIMELINE OF DARKBANE Dec 1997- The name of cult decided by both Darlene and Chris, both taking a single word and combining it to make one. Chris chose Dark and Darlene chose Bane hence the name ‘Darkbane’ was formed and the basis for the cult was created including a story of creation.

Jan 1998- The 1st generation- Saecula ab Ortus: Consisted of the first founders of the cult, The Eternal Goddess Pandora and Spectre Darqphyre. Pandora had brought a slave who would become known as Dunn the Grey and who later sat by her side as her cohort. This was a new era, the first rein of darkness had now crossed the land; death’s wings had truly shrouded the world around the unsuspecting who had become comfortable in their unchanged ways…nothing more than drones marching to the same tune. Members had been branded and inducted into the cult: Dengar of the Darkbane (Advisor to Pandora), Vampire Darkbane (later known as Atrox Cruentus in the 2nd Generation), Lord Seth Darkbane, Koulen Ilo Azapo of Darkbane, Silverbolt the Mentor (Warlord), Ballathor Darkbane (High Priest), Anton of the Darkbane, Damien of Darkbane, Dunn the Grey (Pandora’s 1st cohort), Excalabis.

April 1998- Saecula ab Casus Ortus: The first fall of the cults power resurrected in the form of betrayal to the Goddess Pandora, a section had secretly sworn its leadership to Spectre Darqphyre and they plotted against Pandora to murder her after having sent out the chapter of Darkbane’s to partake in the quest to gain an artifact that was detrimental to the power of Pandora; an instrument used to absorb powers from Gods and supplicate that power then as their own held in the possession of a Dark Mage named Bathomet Daemonius Macabre. Dengar using his position to gain information pertaining to Pandora’s weaknesses relayed the information to Spectre who at the time Pandora saw as a fit cohort and wished to sway him to her bedside but he refused.

Outraged by his rejection Pandora retaliated against her loyal worshippers and warriors- an action that lead to the attempt of her assassination and trial of both Dengar and Spectre and were sentenced to death by the sanction Letum Decretum ab Cruentus (the formal parchment proclaiming the orders of death to the convicted). The cult suffered a period of unrest amongst peers, loyal members no longer trusting those who swore their allegiance to Spectre also suffered the same fate. A massive culling swept through the ranks and chapters until Pandora was satisfied and confident in her position as venerated Goddess and leader of these murderous misfits.

June 1998- The 2nd generation- Saecula ab Sanguis: Brought fresh blood into the clan with more notorious known figures in the history of Ayenee: DarkScarlet Flame of Darkbane (later known as AtraLamia LaDonna Darkbane/ Arch Priestess and 2nd in command), Luscephyre Darkbane, Razma of Darkbane (Assassin), Tallish Deathknight Darkbane, Arcane Darkbane, Libra Darkbane, Michello the Mage (Cohort to Pandora), Aurora Nightshade Darkbane, Moloch Darkbane (Arch High Priest), Scrap Darkbane, Faustina Darkbane, CarmenaNex Darkbane, Spectre Darqphyre (resurrected by Atra and made Warlord), Ravyn Darkbane, Bloodashiya Darkbane, Armadel of the Darkbane, Tarotorus Darkbane (Atra’s brother), Malum Diabolus, Æternus Strages Darkbane, Darque Misanthropy, BlackDiamond Darkbane, Damon Crux Darkbane, Kirianna Darkbane. Atrox Cruentus Darkbane (made Warlord after Spectre’s betrayal), Darkemerald Darkbane, Lorna of Darkbane, Beguilling Poison Darkbane, Alessandra of the Darkbane, Darkcrimson Flame of Darkbane, Darkdiamond Flame of Darkbane, Ruus of the Darkbane, Sagronaas, Shandathe of the Darkbane.

July 1999- Saecula ab Sanguis: Disgruntled by his removal as cohort and Pandora seeking another, Dunn the Grey declared war on the Darkbane. Nothing more than a slave bought at the auction by Pandora herself to use as nothing more than a means to scratch the passions whenever they arose. Having managed to scrape himself a reasonable formidable band of Drow began his siege on Darkbane; this was the age that The Spirit Colvin first manifested himself to the clan… nothing more than a low spirit who imbued the Stone with immeasurable power using the Netherworld and Shadowlands granting the wearers of the amulet with the same attributes though some were fixed with arcane powers for the Priesthood and others more combative attributes.

This was a time of reflection for the cult and finally within the blood special disciplines and abilities were seen strictly exclusive only to the members who had undergone the Ritus ab Ignis et Cruor a rite designed by the first High Priest of Darkbane and only given to the 1st and 2nd generation of Darkbane. Alas with this time and his dark embrace given to Atra’Lamia, Ballathor Darkbane left leaving the cult without Priesthood until Pandora embraced Atra’Lamia at the time known as Darkscarlet Flame of Darkbane and granted the title of Priestess at first until undergoing a series of tests far more tedious than that of those being initiated; passing these she was then given the title of 2nd in command and Arch-Priestess to Darkbane- welcomed into Pandora’s arms as her only child. Atra resurrected Spectre at Pandora’s wishes and after consoling with his wandering spirit. From here Atra and Spectre formed a ‘relationship’ of sorts.

The Ayenee wars were active at this time, many members killed by the Dogs of War and their heated blades, those who were never warrior’s just doting worshippers of the Goddess. Amongst these were Kirianna Darkbane, Darkcrimson Flame of Darkbane, DarkDiamond Darkbane, Darkemerald of Darkbane and Armadel. For the warriors who had fallen to battle, their names and souls are forever remembered and scrolled within the Liber Obitus Barathrum: Tarotorus of Darkbane, Tallish Deathknight of Darkbane, Æternus Strages Darkbane and Misanthropy.

With this period in Darkbane history the fall came with the adultery of Spectre Darqphyre who was married to Atra’Lamia at the time and betrayed her to Lorna Darkbane who was now carrying his child. In result of this, Atra drove her sword deep into the stomach of Lorna dislodging the fetus from her womb, placenta and blood spilled across the temple floor like a crimson wave of gore and intestines while right hand ripping into her chest, splitting the ribs and withdrawing with the plump pulsating organ of her heart. Ascending this to her lips as teeth pierced the rubbery flesh of that sumptuous peach- slowly withdrawing her sword and decapitating Lorna on the spot while the members of Darkbane graciously devoured the remnants on the floor. Another Letum Decretum ab Cruentus was ordered against Spectre though he fled before the orders were to be carried out by Atra’Lamia herself and again Darkbane lost its Warlord leaving the rank open for debate and reflection.

The only members remaining after the 2nd disbandment were: Razma Darkbane, Atra’Lamia LaDonna Darkbane, Ravyn Darkbane, Abaddon Darkbane, Atrox Cruentus, Libra Darkbane, Koulen Ilo Apsu, Arcane Darkbane, Moloch Darkbane, Damien Darkbane, Michello the Mage (Pandora’s cohort) cohort, The Eternal Goddess Pandora, Damon Crux Darkbane, Scrap Darkbane- those who carried with them the true Signis AterLues the mark of Darkbane.

1998-August 1999 The 3rd generation- Saecula abChalybs: Along with some of the 2nd generation; some of the 3rd generation showed promise Twisted Malice. However the majority of the rest were branded as traitors and cowards that lurked amongst the wastelands of Ayenee and could not let go of their mortal existences and thus couldn’t ascend to entropy. The weaker breed of the clan who were refused the blood of the 1st and 2nd generations from Pandora and Atra’Lamia denied them the procedure due to more pressing issues with clan wars between Darkbane, Pendragon (merthynn_pendragon), Yeogilrmmin (dunn_the_grey & quelvelguk_yeogilrymmin) and Darkquest (Talusthrone_darkquest).

Some of these following members did not receive the Darkbane signature amulet or Atra’s dark blessing, she saved that for her own children within the ranks: Twisted Malice. 3rd Generation members: Twisted Malice Darkbane, Abaddon Darkbane, Promethus of the Darkbane, Macabre Melancholy, CearicDarkban e, Satanic Parasite, Inquistoner of Darkbane, Templar Darkbane, DeMolay Darkbane, Daemon of the Darkbane, Lex Talonis, Lycanthropic Perfidia, Tainted Nosferatu, Ghoul of the Darkbane, Amethyst Bloodcrystal Darkbane.

March 2000- The 4th generation- Saecula ab Clax: Came with the leaving of Atra’Lamia after a huge dispute between herself and Pandora leaving the temple in ruins and the deaths of quite a few of the cults members. Subsequently Pandora also soon turned her back upon the 3rd generation of members, becoming jaded with their constant bickering and demeaning behavior leaving the cult in tatters and the 4th disbandment. This is when Twisted Malice Darkbane and the other cretins took control of Darkbane with a short lifetime of success. This generation consisted of: Blissful Demise Darkbane, Twisted Malice.

July 2002-2005 The 5th generation and 6th generation- Saecula ab Resurrectio: Saw the return of Atra’Lamia however bringing the cult back together saw nothing but failure. The ego of along with her arrogance made the other members edgy with dealing with her that ended up with the decision by unanimous vote to exile her from the cult along with the right to use the name Darkbane and the signature of Darkbane removed, the amulet which was now known as the ‘Stone of the Dimmu’ after a ritualistic ceremony canceling out the properties and attributes of the previous Darkbane spirit. During the 6th generation Darkbane made a promising return, bringing its numbers once again to the mortal realm of Ayenee (see for the Obsidian Spires- Darkbane Temple).

For a while it flourished and fresh blood again flowed through the new temple constructed by Atra’Lamia with the help of The Nameless (the new Darkbane avatar). Blissful Demise, Suunaise Darkbane (Atra’s beloved sister), Twisted Malice Darkbane, DarkIsis Darkbane (Atra’s sister whom both Atra’Lamia and Twisted Malice killed), Ambika Darkbane, Executor Darkbane, Satire Darkbane, Corvin Darkbane, Exodus Oblivio Darkbane, Nehemiah Darkbane, Goetic Mortuus Darkbane, Embryonic Envy Darkbane, Unholy Epiphany Darkbane, Kaedryn Darkbane, Forsynthia Darkbane, Nerull Darkbane.

2005 brought them to the gates of Aoyn for a short time with the conquering of Eden and Atra’Lamia taking presidency there as the Sorceress of Aoyn, of course given the title by Varsinax himself. Ruling Eden for only a short time before darkened the doorstep with her meanderings and delusions of betrayal that was never actual events which had ever taken place anywhere other than within her clouded mind and lack of rational intellect. After the battle between Atra’Lamia and Brunner which resulted in his retreat. Atra’Lamia known then as Amor E Morte remained in Aoyn and eventually moved into Tenaria claiming sovereignty as her own and taking the title Queen of Aoyn for a short time before leaving to pursuit her own interests in the world of Naethyrn. 2006-2007- Saecula ab Caliga: The dawning of a renewed reign, leaving the mortal shores of Ayenee to pursue another sinister realm named Naethyrn within the Elysium of Shadows.

Another realm and city constructed for the purpose of relinquishing in sin and darkness; the seven deadly sins of mankind and the exploration of the lustful hungers within. Atra running the gauntlet within the void at the instruction and activation of The Nameless bringing her into the final stages of Dimmu blood making her his advent, bringing her back to her true former self; and the ability to allow her to adapt to any race she chose to see as fit for her nefarious purposes. Taking the form and essence of the Wamphyri to suit that of her lover from centuries past, Radu… who soon defeated and killed The Nameless imbibing all of his essence during the conflict between Atra’Lamia, Nicolai and Savage Messiah; for a short time Atra’Lamia faded from this pale existence.

HOLDERS OF THE AMULETS: Those who have possession of the signet of Darkbane and must acknowledge its correct properties and abilities when it was awarded. Please note these amulets are no longer known as the Stone of Colvin, they are not red in color and should anyone state differently, then they are frauds.

Possession of the Amulet belongs to these people: Razma Darkbane, Dengar Darkbane (deceased), Atrox Cruentus Darkbane, Atra’Lamia Darkbane, Twisted Malice Darkbane, Blissful Demise Darkbane (amulet given in 2003 Obsidian Spires/Darkbane Temple), Suunaise Darkbane (still active- amulet given in 2003when summoned by Atra’Lamia in the Obsidian Spires/Darkbane Temple), Beguilling Poison Darkbane, Damien of Darkbane, Spectre Darqphyre, The Eternal Goddess Pandora, Ravyn Darkbane (deceased), Ballathor Darkbane (deceased), Moloch the Baneful aka Moloch Darkbane, Scrap Darkbane (retired), Lorna Darkbane (deceased), Kirianna Darkbane (deceased), Silverbolt the Mentor (retired), Darkdiamond Flame of Darkbane (deceased), Darkcrimson Flame of Darkbane (deceased), Aurora Nightshade Darkbane (retired), Tarotorus Darkbane (deceased).... etc.

CONCLUSION: So many relished on the banquet of death yet forgetting that death was only a new beginning… perhaps that is why so many Darkbane’s had been the givers of death and yet running away from those plethoric maws; fearing death… their own death. Death to some could only be a benediction; however, not many Darkbane’s would ever receive the dispensation of ‘eternal’ rest for even their souls are bound to Pandora.

‘The Stone of the Dimmu’ all amulets were changed from the pulsating blood-red ruby of Colvin’s stone to that of pure darkness and ‘AterPhasma’ granting the wearer with the protection of dark spirits and the ancestors of Darkbane. It is the only way to separate members from the frauds. A list of those given the amulet are as listed below, they could only be given by Pandora or Atra’Lamia no one else knew the procedure and rituals used to created these arcane gifts of the dark occult. They cannot be worn by any other person other than who it belongs to, and evaporate should they be stolen or the death of the member occurs. Every amulet is sealed with specific death runes exclusive only to the Priesthood of Darkbane and are imbued in the substance of the stone and not visible once activated.

Darkbane no longer has the use of spirits of avatars and no longer recognize any deity of worship for they are now God’s amongst themselves, even if only by ego and arrogance. They only worship two things: Death and Decadence. They tolerate no sympathy, they have no mercy or emotion nor have any use for it. If you trust a Darkbane then you are more than likely to experience the several painful pastimes most Darkbane’s hold sacrosanct.

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