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For specifics, check the edit history and talk page. Consult the Furry Book of Style for editing help. can be added to the list of Furry Dating sites being used to Scam Furrys and rape away their hard earned money with little to nothing in return.

They are operated by which is not a furry organization at all. Just another scammer who farms whatever market they can find.

It is my hope someone else will re-form this article in the proper scheme, i am just providing the information for it and sources.

I will provide a youtube video that also proves that they flat out lie about their local member counts using a random number generator.

Also providing a screenshot that shows that their "upgrade to premium" page shows the site is actually hosted on, and that their pricing is robbery even if they were really providing a usefull services. They charge you to send messages of any kind....

i created the account, DontScamFurries as a free account, and it immediatly pulled me to that upgrade page, before i was even able to view anything, or enter profile information of any kind.

EDIT: Upon further examination, the upgrade to premium page also in super fine print, tricks you into signing up for a "3 day trial" to something called "Amateur Video Pass" which if you dont cancel it before it expires, will automatically RE-BILL you Another $14.94 on top of the meetfurries subscription cost. Clearly raping every last dime they can without crossing into criminal lines. Such a total Fraud. They use for their billing services. They yet ALSO autmatically sign you up for services from "Alt CAMS" which tries to lure you into openning cams of "NON-Furry" porn models and you are charged additionally for however long and how many cams you open. So they also use the furry site to Drag you into their online porn business. All the proof of this is on the page the screenshot provided is from.

It seems i created this page without logging in, This page is authored by DarkXander of as part of my ongoing commitment to expose any scams against furries that i encounter.

Reference from the furrtrax news article: