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Daniel Flemming was born on July 28, 1993. He is a writer / filmmaker. His writing consists of anthropomorphic animals (usually horses). He wrote the novel "The Horse's Help" after graduating high school because he needed to vent about the school system and write about what his experiences of being in 'Special Education Class' were like. As far as film making goes, his first film was entitled "A Horse's Love", which is a film he had to do for a film class, it is available on DVD. His second two films were psychological was called "The Idols" As far as his personal life, for politics, he calls himself an Humanitarian, but he does use the word 'Liberal' when discussing voting. He is an open Secularist. Not much is known about his personal life, as he is not open about it- "The Horse's Help" gives some insight about his experiences with people and members of his own family however. His favorite film is "War Horse" and openly states that the fictional horse, Joey is his hero and inspiration in life and is the 'number one celebrity I'd like too meet!' His favorite novel is "Black Beauty" and states: "Black Beauty is the number one film I'd love to remake if I become a Hollywood director. A story of kindness and love is what we need a film about in these depressing times." He currently is writing a bunch of short stories and is also writing his second novel "Havenport Farm".

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