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Daniel Hopkins was born in Ohio in May of 1982. He grew up as an only child mostly in the small town of Russellville, Ohio. Later between the ages of 5 and 6 his family moved out to the country near the town of Winchester, Ohio. After starting school he found his personal talent for extreme creativity and a huge imagination. Once he reached the age of 12, when he was in 4th Grade of Elementary School, Dan began to create elaborate short stories that ended up being written mostly in typical childish fashion of small booklets with crayon or colored pencil art.

Dan was forced to repeat 4th Grade when he was moved to a Catholic School by his mother to seclude him from the outside world and hopefully turn him towards Christianity, however the influence the school had on him was opposite of what was expected. By the time he reached 6th grade he had reached the height of his early creativity, tho he couldn't draw very well he turned directly to writing again and begun work on putting his mental world to paper during the late summer of 1995 Dan rewrote his work and officially got his first poem published through Young American Writers program that his school had advocated. His first poem was published under his pen name 'Derick Wren' and he would continue to use this pen name for several years after.

He was later forced to go back to public school in 1996 due to controversy that occurred in the catholic school, during this transition Dan was put under tremendous stress which unfortunately ensured his reclusive nature for the following years. It wasn't until the start of his freshman high school year in 1997 that he began to get real reconzation for his works, his english teacher one Mrs. Wood, led him to start publishing his works in the high school news paper under his pen name biweekly. He once again turned to his original concept, the 10 Pack, and with a little rewriting and some complicated reworkings of his story he began pushing out a chapter a week, thusly the school newspaper (which was actually a virtual paper and not a physical one since it saved paper) began to fill up with the story fairly quickly. In February of 1999 Dan became involved with a forum based role playing game featuring Sailor Moon. Dan was highly motivated to write twice the amount of his book which came to a pseudo-conclusion in April of the same year.

During the summer Dan began to brain storm on how to reinvent the story and the characters but got caught up in some drama during the start of the season and was unable to work on his story till mid-July when, while mowing the grass, he came up with the idea of starting his own message board based RPG. He dubbed it Trinton Chronicles after the name of the city his characters existed in. Since the city was fictional it allowed him far more freedom to do whatever he wanted with it versus researching a real world place, tho the city had basis in fact since it existed in Virgina where the Chessapeak Bay area would have been in this world.

While working on Trinton Chronicles, dubbed TC by its players and fans, Dan finished his story of the original book and left it hanging hoping that TC would take over where the first one left off. Which at first it did with the completion of the first book of TC, New Genisis in early 2000. By 2002 he had met his first love, a boy named Robbie Butts, who was about the same age as himself. Since they were both similar in interests and likes and dislikes they became friends but eventually Dan found himself in a one-sided love with someone all the while he was working two different jobs at both a fast food restaurant and a craft store, balancing an ever decressing social life, and running Trinton Chronicles.

However Dan would endure much emotional grief when his mixed feelings over took his judgment and he suffered what most people know as heart break. From the years 2003 to 2004 he fell into a deep depressive state about life in general after his 3 years of work 'The 10 Pack' which had been recently renamed 'Ten Heroes' was utterly erased from his computer when the harddrive failed. He became even more reclusive, speaking only to his friend and Vice President of TC, Aliqua, she made him realize how great life was and got him back in the spirit of things once again. During these same times Dan frequented many bars in the city of Cincinnati, OH, where he eventually got a job at a leather store as a manager. He worked there and met many unique people which only further fueled his creative mind.

After his many-many life trials including him working at a call center for phone surveys and losing the job at the leather shop; Dan finally grew up enough to settle down...during mid-September 2006 Dan made a new online contact named Jesse on a web site known as Bear411. For part of the month they conversed until one day Dan made a trip to Columbus, Oh, and it was a mixture of love and affection at first sight. Jesse and he began dating off and on through December where, when Dan was fired from a retail chain known as Dillards department store, Jesse came to his aid by allowing Dan to move in with him.

The two became official boyfriends in January 2006 but things were not easy with them. It took several months of fighting and arguing with each other for things to settle down. During the start of spring of 2007 new members were introduced to Dan's TC game. Shortly into the summer Jesse and Dan brought a new member of their relationship into the fold, one Myhajlo Wynters. This later (in spring of 2008) caused issues and Myhajlo left, Jesse later dumped Dan in July, 2008 for a skinner guy by the name of Jayson Hummel aka Pup Loki. Now Dan is single and working on a new project..