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The irony of Furry is that one can have interests, likings, tastes, affinities and ideas that are so much like that of the sub genre and not realize that there are others who are like them in any way at all. People like me can go through life thinking that they are the only ones only to discover manifestations of this kind coming through others.

I for one, back in 1998 had found out for myself that there were other people who had likings for the fictional animal things first hand. But when I found out that there were others with NON-platonic affinities, I found myself starting to put pieces of a puzzle together. Each piece represented toonophilia, Plushophilia, Zoophilia and other interests. For better clarification, go to my Furry Scorpio web site. Let me warn you: Although the site itself doesn't go into explicite details, it does link to sites that do have mature and adult matters.

--Dalhusky 02:59, 17 Nov 2005 (UTC)