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Daggeran The Furry

Species: Draak'iven (kiven for short): Similar to a hybrid of a wolf, rat, fox, and cat

Gender: Varying, majority being female

Sexuality: Bi

Weight: 10 lbs

Height: 1 1/2 feet tall sitting on haunches

Appearance: A cat-sized feral, being on all fours. Her tail is white and thick with a even thicker plume on the tip, black tufts of the end inside the plume. Her eyes are a bright steel-green, gold-yellow if very angry (the gold includes her entire eye, not just the cornea). She has long, pointed ears that protrude out the sides of her head, gray lined just inside and black going farther inside with a white tuft on the tips. She has pure white fur on most of her body, her belly being a deep black that shines almost a deep purple in the bright light. Her species of Draak'iven has provided her with a few unique qualities, an example being a numerous amount of black, headed tendrils that can stretch for over one hundred feet. The tendril's head consists of six small, red eyes and a mouth, but is shapable to whatever texture or shape. Her muzzle is rodent shaped, most of her teeth visible with small, black whiskers lining around her small nose. Her figure and posture is feline.

Fur: feline, soft and wispy but mostly laid down with the appearance of a canine's.

Pastimes or hobbies: Hanging out in IRCs, mostly on with some of her other friends; Channels: #furrycoffeeshop #vore #hell and #aurora. Another hobby is art, she draws often with big, detailed pictures that often take a month or more.

Relationship: Mated to Ryn`cha (open-ish)

Willing to do in yiff: anything and everything, however long anyone wants to do it.

Preferences in yiff: Loves hard (pinned against a wall, bitten on the scruff etc.), soft vore (any way you can put her in, preferring to live through the experience but will allow otherwise if she likes the person), and micro/micro-insertion