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Hi, I'm a brony, a bit of a furry, a musician and, to a lesser extent, a digital artist.

I was born in 1996, and I live in South Australia. I used to be heavily into Minecraft, then I 'discovered' ponies. Now, instead of spending my free time on Minecraft, watching videos about Minecraft on YouTube, and stuffing around on, I watch MLP related stuff (animations, music etc.), read fan-fiction of MLP, talk about ponies on Omegle, and frequent EqD.

I haven't written any pony music, but I have drawn some by hand, and used vectors to make wallpapers. My wallpapers don't compare to the likes of what I've downloaded though! Still learning though, so my stuff is allowed to be kind of average, right? Right? I haven't submitted any as of 23rd November 2012, and I'll wait until I get better at it until I do.

I'm thinking about writing fan fiction, but the ideas I have are all jumbled up.
Anyway, that's about it from me (for now).