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So Hi. Im not a DJ as of yet, but I have all these ideas in my haed that need some getting out en' stuff.

I'm also an artist. I like to swim and most of all Sleep.

Sleep is my ultimate get away

I think that when you sleep you body is on earth and your soul tends to wander. I've had so many awsome dreams. My theory is that it's kind of like space traveling to another world. Yes I am somewhat of a dork/nerd. I aslo like Fantasy Cyber Punk.

What am I DOING?!

Yes, what's currently going on im my head/life? Well I tell yas.


On a forum I'm at there was a topic started about hypnotizing yourself how to become a furry in real life. Everyone you'd know would be a furry, and dressed normally. It could be whatever animal you want and you'd feel the fur begin to sprout and a tail (if the animal has one) begin to grow.

It's not a painful process. As I have so witnessed this myself. I tried it last night. Saying the key phrase: "Morph into a female tiger, 5 years of age." And oolala! I turned orange for 10 minutes! :/ Obviously it worked... to a certain extent.

It's a file that you would listen to after downloading. The way he talks is kind of like a psychologist, somewhat annoying but a bit relaxing. (it's kind of hard for me to concentrate so I'm going to have to burn the recording to a CD so I can concentrate)

And that's what I have been trying at the moment. I'm going to say it'll take me about 2 months before I relize anything. So why Am I doing this? Cause I want to see the world at a very different point of view.