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Hello, this is me, DJ darkfox =3

His best friends on the world are:

  • Fill the red fox
  • Anhes the desert fox
  • Anupap the blue tiger hybrid
  • Argish th arctic wolf
  • Benni the cat
  • Blacky the black doberman
  • Kroe the black jackal
  • Takk the wolf
  • Travis the Otter
  • Makoim the white tiger
  • Jakal Dastardly the black Jakal
  • Black panther the female panther
  • Areku the white jackal
  • Martin the big panda
  • Johann the black bat
  • Kyuuhari the brown Wolf
  • Lomstat the fox/wolf hybrid
  • Yamibliss the winged werewolf
  • Wolfgang the wolf
  • Riguel the husky
  • Viper the blue aquadragon
  • zephir the italian tiger
  • Lynn the brown wolf girl
  • Darko the wolf
  • Goddy another black wolf
  • Jan the tempuswolf
  • Konu the fox hybrid
  • Kimbalion the white leo
  • Lupo the wolf
  • Maz the lion
  • and redfoxartist the fox

And he loves all his friends the same, he hasn't one best friend, he has that much best friends!^^

(If I missed one, just tell me^^")

(edited by myself, Demian J. Darkfox)

for everyone who wanna see my art or my gift art or whoever want to contact me, just click below^^

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