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DJHak (Also known as DJ Kar and Kar "Vroom Vroom" Wereskunk) is a Digital Artist and a Fursuitter from the Southern coast of Massachusetts,U.S.A. His fursona is a Wereskunk (Wolf/skunk Hybrid)

Kar "Vroom Vroom" Wereskunk

Fandom Involvement

DJHak started becoming involved in the furry fandom in late 2009 and joined SoFurry. He began as a lion and through his time he has changed his fursona three times from a lion to a skunk and then a were-skunk.

He is mainly known though the fandom through his fursona Kar Wereskunk's appereance and species. Once joining FurAffinity he began learning to draw and became a digital artist who takes commissions but mainly holds raffles for free art.

DJHak (Kar Wereskunk) Can also be found on SoFurry.

Kar's Description

Kar Wereskunk Reference Sheet

Kar Wereskunk is a were-skunk hybrid. This means that Kar is half werewolf and half skunk. Physically he has the head and body of a basic wolf and his tail resembles that of a skunk. His magic abilities allow him to change forms and age on call. The fursona's main fur color is dark grey and has numerious aqua colored markings around (On his abdominal area,arms,thighs,tail and face). Each of Kar's arm's have 3 rings (Upper arm,Elbow length and wrist), His upper thigh contains two, rings, His sides have two, and his tail near the tip has one going around and the normal skunk stripes. On his face each side of his muzzle has a aqua colored star. His ear tips are mid point down connecting to a chin strap all along his bottom jaw and a patch between his eyes. He has two stud piercings on each ear and a tounge piercing. Closer examination of his eyes show that Kar's eyes are Heterochromia, or he has two different colored eyes. His left being yellow and his right being purple.

Clothing wise Kar Wereskunk is either seen naked, in a diaper when in his [1] Babyfur form or in a flannel jacket,black undershirt,blue skinny jeans, work boots,a checkered bandana and a black and white trucker cap. Even when naked he still retains the Trucker cap and bandana. Form wise he has different body styles when entering his "Were form" but these forms have only been explained in text and there are two different forms. Kar is also either seen as a regular anthro form or a Taur form.

Taur Form


DJHak's first and only convention has been Anthrocon 2012 and has also attended FurFright and [Furfest]

DJHak is also a fursuitter who had his first fursuit made by AdoptMePlz in 2012 and a fullsuit made by Elkdragon in 2014.

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