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D.O.S. (Diamond Orangecalx Sergie) is a Sergal from from Atlanta, but currently taking refuge in a small town in Alabama known as Opelika. His eyes are blue, his fur markings are more of a coloring, which are an overall white fur coloring, with a black main.

Diamond is a huge fan of Aphex twin and other trance/furry music,both in this world and IRL. He plays Guitar, Cello, andKeyboard more than anything else. He can be found on facebook under his full name, and anywhere else there are forums or social communication. But, he does not announce himself. He'll usually tell you, that is, if he likes you. Unfortunately this is NOT a common thing for him to do, because his reputation suggests he is a "Giant rape chicken", and he is easily offended.

Diamond has a long history of being used and neglected, lead on and cheated on. Since January 25th, 2010, Diamond has been with his boyfriend, Dylyn walter.