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Cynthia's a nobody in the fandom. This is trying to help this.

(She isn't smart enough to make this page fancy either.)

Cynthia is one of the very few fursuiters around her age, being born in 1999. Her fursona is a black and crimsion colored eastern timber wolf, fully named 'Cynthia Daemon Crisis.' Cynthis is often seen wearing a. Blue collar, red name tag, red scarf, White hat with a few pins, and a long black and red jacket. She wants to find as many fursuiters as she can, so send her a message on FurAffinty (Cynthia), Youtube (QuadSuit), Pokefarm (Blade-Chan) Or devientART (Blade-ChanxD) if you are about that. Please? I don't bite... Other furries.

Cynthia has a hard time understanding the 'works' of making a fursuit, so she generally relies on the works of Matrices ( and an awesome foot template she found. (Link will be put soon. I hope.) She really has no time to work on her fursuit. That being said, she hasn't even finished one yet D: *ooohhhh, sad face* She's attempting to make a Poochyena (From Pokemon. The Hoenn reigon. Ruby. You get it.) Named Blade. She made an account on Pokefarm a million years ago with the name Blade-Chan. She later found out this name was stolen from a friend who moved to Texas. But I didn't say that. After talking, she tried to take on an Absol appearence, but it was soon changed to a Poochyena.

She enjoys writing short paragraphs, drawing her and her friend (Velweb) in their fursona forms. Just chillin'. She also wants to rip apart a big stuffed blue lion her parents put in the machine gun(Carnival game) to edit a bit with a balclava, see-through fabric and some string and wear as a fursuit. No body though. Sadly, she cannot until the end of the summer. D:

Oh. She lives in Massachusetts, in America *draws rainbow in the sky, which quickly changes to a hamburger* D: Now I'm hungry.

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