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Cs Silver is a wolf from Charlottetown Prince Edward Island. Cs studied Arts at the local college and majored in photography and digital imaging. he is also well versed in Photoshop having his forensic certification and deemed an ACE and Instructor by Adobe. he also holds a spot in the Adobe Photoshop top ten, and title of master of Raw processing. that may make me sound like i am better then most but really i think i am way worse then I am I am also sure there are better then me. additional information about Cs is that he is freakishly tall 6'7" and taller in fursuit around 8'. he is normally wearing a collar jeans t-shirt and hoodie (normally grey or black) he wears a few rings as well most notable a silver pentagram on his right hand ans a silver Celtic knot on the left.

Cs's fursuit was made by himself.

He is also the noted inventor of the photographic con badge showed off by Waggable at furfright 2011.