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Cryoyank Nightdragon is a red Western dragon. For many years, he assumed he was a raccoon/fox/dragon hybrid. Early in 2006, he realized his true, pure dragon soul.

He was hatched in Boston, U.S.A. but now lives in London, England with his otherkin wife, Squirrel (a red squirrel/French palm squirrel hybrid).

He has been blogging since 2001.

The Nightcoon years[edit]

Cryoyank was "born" in the (American) Revolutionary town of Concord, Massachusetts and lived, worked and was schooled in the city of Boston and its environs for thirty years before moving to London in 2000 to live with his wife - though the two mated in 1998. "I was extremely homesick for two years," he shrugs.

In 2000, Cryoyank started going by the alias Nightcoon, a creature that was 67% raccoon, 25% red fox and 12% Western dragon. It was only in April 2006 when a silver dragon ring revealed to him his pure draconity.

Although he was loathe to leave America in general, and Boston in particular, and failed in his first attempt to live abroad, he knew a move to England would personally be more expedient. "Squirrel already had a mortgaged drey and some debts incurred from overextending her acorn credit," he says. "So she pretty much wanted to remain put and understandably so. And if I'd brought her to Boston, we both would have had to start our lives from scratch. So I had to deal with being in England if I wanted to be with her."

As of 2006, he is settled down comfortably, though he still feels his native country gently tugging at him. He tends to complain almost ceaslessly about the British weather, namely because he finds its winters too long and its summers infuriatingly cool at times. (Though he admits that the autumn of 2006 was "amazingly balmy.")

He works nights as a data-entry officer for a media company, and loves his work and the hours he keeps. "Even though I am constantly screwing up my body clock on weekends and have to keep adjusting it for the week," he laughs.


Cryoyank Nightdragon has kept a weblog since the fall of 2001, when he debuted The Life of a Nightdragon, or Nightdragon for short. Originally, this blog started out as a general take on his perspective as an American in England, detailing his culture shock, but over the years morphed into a strictly socio-political "on-line column" in which he expresses his moderately right-wing views.

"I'm pretty conservative," Cryoyank says. "But you'd have to be pretty far to the Left to see me as far Right, which I'm not."

Although he named the weblog Nightdragon, he did so to indicate his noctural nature and his love for dragons. Today, however, the title is much more accurate and appropriate.

His dragon plushie Boston appears on the page surrounded by recreational drugs and drug paraphernalia with an American flag neckerchief in the background. "Don't look at that literally," Cryoyank advises. "That was deliberately coreographed for shock value. It was not meant to advertise my lifestyle. It's just a piss-take."

In 2004, he started a Livejournal page, named after his Nightcoon alias. In this blog, he delved a lot more into his personal life and preferences. He was up-front about his bisexuality and transvestitism, so much so that he actually called his blog Sissycoon before changing it to Nightcoon, feeling he was doing himself a disservice. He shortly became disenchanted and offended by the word and changed his name to Nightcoon.

He continued as Nightcoon until 2005, when bad blood with several Furs caused him to cease writing on Livejournal. "But that's OK," he says. "I couldn't have carried on as Nightcoon anyway, once I discovered my draconity."

Cryoyank started his current Livejournal The Further Adventures of an Angry Young Dragon in January 2006 which remains more personal than his Nightdragon blog. The name Cryoyank is just a humorous play on the word for the compressed gas containers, Cryotank. "It was just a silly name I thought up, but then it became part of my dragon name."

Personal info[edit]

Cryoyank is reserved and hard to get to know, and tends to have a pessimistic nature and distrusting attitude. Friends must prove themselves to him as he does not take friendship for granted.

He has been happily married to the Squirrel for eight years as of October 3, 2006.

He enjoys running, loves "Spyro the Dragon" PlayStation videogames, and is an avid baseball fan. He became extremely depressed when the Boston Red Sox lost to the New York Yankees in the Championship playoffs of 2003, but was overjoyed when his beloved Sox won the World Series in 2004. "The effects of that win have still not worn off, even two years later," he laughs.

Cryoyank Nightdragon is also concerned about environmental issues, and though he does not think mankind is entirely responsible for climate change, he thinks carbon emissions should still be lowered. He does not care for new-fangled gadgets that become obsolete in six months and avidly recycles as much as he can. "I can't stand it when people get in their cars to go a quarter of a mile down the street. I'm convinced that in 1,000 years time, people will completely lose the use of their legs. The human race will be slug-like."

Cryoyank can play the bass, drums and guitar, and practices on his Yamaha acoustic steel-string every day, always learning something new. He has written several songs and considers the cautionary ditty "Remember The ...?" -- with its jazzy chord changes -- his best work so far. He can also speak rudimentary Spanish and intermediate-level French.

Though he was hatched in 1969, he considers himself "forever 29."


Cryoyank takes the form of a slim, sturdy 5-foot-5 Celtic male human, but insists that this form was chosen for him by the last dragons. It became necessary for dragons to shape-change into humans in order to live on, though their souls are unchanged. He believes he will re-inherit his true red, European dragon shape once his "sentence" on Earth is complete.