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Creamie (also known as Ninni's fursona) Is a fursuiter who wants to make people happy. Her FA :

Creamie was born/created 1 april ,well she was not a april-joke if you think that.

She lives in Sweden with her family on a farm with lots of animals~

The reason why Creamie was created was because Ninni has been sick almost all her whole life and have been very depresst,

and in the beginnig of 2012 she was trying to come up with a idé to make her more happier and want to enjoy life.'

Later she find out that she was a furry because she loved to go to conventisions with her tail and ears, So later on she got more intrested to the furry fandom and joined on a group about furries in Sweden on and she meet lots of new friends there. Then she started to do the design of Creamie.

Her markings was really simple but she did have a wierd breed: 'Cat , husky , rabbit'

Now her goal is to make children to be more happier in the world (well right now only in Sweden), make them happy when they see Creamie in public and can hug her och shake her paw with them~
// more info will come later //

Randy is a member of the Board of Directors as President for Megaplex, and handles hotel issues, audio/video setup and registration for the convention. He is co-chair of the convention with KP. He is also the webmaster of several sites, including the Funday PawPet Show site, the Florida Furs web site, and .