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Crazed-Lunatic usually goes by the name of Kris Karu, or Kris for short. She's a female shapeshifting anthro, but her natural form is that of an african lioness, a king cheetah, and a vampire bat combined. She has large, black ears, and long brown hair. Her eyes are seafoam green, and her fur is golden yellow, with black stripes. Her tail is long and thin, with five black stripes. The tip is covered in thick, white fur, creating a small fluff. She has large bat wings on her back, and she has the face of a cheetah.

Kris enjoys loud music, and she listens to rock, alternative, metal, heavy metal, and some indie. Every now and again, she finds a few songs of pop that she likes. She absolutely hates country, rap, and hip-hop. She loves to draw, and she loves video games as well. Her favourite games are Rock Band 1 and 2, the Guitar Hero series, the Dynasty Warriors series, the Sonic series, and a few others. She only wears all black, and she loves leather too. She likes to wear skinny ties, and she is always wearing a fedora.