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Cosaco, a male Furry from Mexico who found this Mega-Universe called 'Furry Fandom' and now he can't leave it.

He's one of the Creators of the Concept 'Kocako' and is the Co-Writer of the following Histories:

  • And 'HIStory' (Still in progress)

Personal Career[edit]

He studied Economic Sciences and Film Making; presenting his final thesis in Economy: "The Fall of the Political Parties". In addition, he took a course of photography and it has presented diverse exhibitions of Artistic nude photos in Mexico, Cuba, Spain and EUA.

It has written and directed three short films:

He has also been a Movie making teacher.

Other activities[edit]

  • As a photographer he had collaborations in Spanish, US and Mexican magazines.
  • He's a casual contributor on "La Jornada" and the "unomasuno" newspapers with political articles, movie reviews and artistic nude photos.
  • Also he's a collector of Betamax Videos, its latest acquisitions includes movies like: 'The Salt of the Earth', 'Bronenosec Potemkin' and 'Moonwalker'

Latest news[edit]

Cosaco's now living in Morelos, Mexico

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