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XSound Extension[edit]


1. Simple

It will produce one-button widget:

2. Extended

<xsound src="SampleFileForXSound.mp3" ext="True" />
It will be converted to winamp-style player with ability to control volume and position:
<xsound src="SampleFileForXSound.mp3" ext="True" />

3. File doesn't exists

When file given as an argument doesn't exists on server extension will be rendered as a link to Special:Upload.


Please compare the example given below with original article at Wiktionary:


First attested 1340, from Old French brandiss-, from brandir to flourish a sword (see brand).


  • brændɪʃ
  • <xsound>brandish.mp3</xsound>
  • ændɪʃ


to brandish (third-person singular simple present brandishes, present participle brandishing, simple past brandished, past participle brandished)

1. (transitive) To move or swing a weapon back and forth, particularly if demonstrating skill.
He brandished his sword at the pirates.
2. (transitive) To bear something with ostentatious show.