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Conjure The Caribou[edit]

Conjure Filth, a.k.a Layla Filth, born March 22, 1993, is a traditional furry artist, photographer, and commissioner from Connecticut. Her character is a gray and black furred Caribou with medium blue skin, antlers, hooves, and brown slitted eyes. She discovered the fandom around the age of 8 through VCL and other various furry websites at the time, deeming her interest in 'Animals that can walk on back feet' valid. Her original character was a werewolf/husky hybrid, with similar but varied markings like that of her caribou fursona, which ceased to appear around 2008. She has not attended any conventions, but has been spotted playing Furcadia back in the early 2000's, as well as having many other furry art accounts.

Some known/unknown facts about Conjure: She has had only 3 marking changes to her fursona's coloring and pattern. She has only had 3 species changes done to her character. Out of all animals, ungulates, felines, equines, and mythical creatures are her favorite. She has the conditions of OCD, Extreme Anxiety, Disassociation Disorder and PTSD. She is vegetarian/vegan.

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